Astro Off Axis Guider

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Model/Varenr.: 34010
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Denne off axis guider er speciel på grund af sit lavprofil design.
Produkt beskrivelse:
- No mechanical flexure between main and guiding telescope can opssibly ruin the tracking accuracy if you use an off axis guider.

- The load for the mount is much reduced. There is no need for a guide scope and the setup will remain more compact.
- You work with the main telescope's resolution and focal lenght, not with the typically lower resolution of a guide scope.

Can be used with correctors & DSLR:

The only off axis guider that can be used between a coma corrector (or field flattener) and DSLR camera without leaving the tolerance fro the distance between camera and corrector.

Can be used with cooled CCD cameras:

The off axis guider provides enough space for tilter wheels or filter drawers when using cooled CCD cameras.


Telescope adaptation - 2" barrel base with M48 filter thread indside (fits the M48 barrel extension).
Camera adaptation - standard T2 thread for the adaptation of filter wheels or other adaptors.
Side turret adaptation - T2 thread for autoguiding cameras. 1.25" eyepiece adaptation possible.
All screws and threads are metric (M4).


The optical length of the off axis guider is only 9mm in the direction towards the main camera (not counting the length of the 2" barrel base).